Why Is the CBD Industry Growing?

Why Is the CBD Industry Growing?

If you haven’t noticed, you are out of the loop, but CBD is hitting the market by storm. In fact, it is estimated that CBD sales in 2020 will total around 1.15 billion dollars.  

Currently, CBD sales are around 12 million dollars. The U.S. is the largest global importer of hemp based products. But, why? What is so special about CBD?

The CBD industry is growing for a number of reasons, but the major reason is that CBD is claiming to help with a variety of different ailments, and research hasn’t suggested otherwise.

Take a look below to see why the CBD industry is growing at such a substantial rate from its first appearance in 2012!

What is CBD?

One of the major reasons the CBD industry is growing is because more and more people are learning just exactly what CBD is and how it works in our bodies.

Because there is such a taboo associated with marijuana and hemp plants, there was a lot of controversy over the use and study of CBD.

The first thing that had to be discovered was that hemp and marijuana were actually two different plants. Both plants had over a 100 different cannabinoids.

The two most prevalent cannabinoids are CBD and THC. CBD stands for cannabidiol. This chemical compound is more prevalent in hemp plants, but is still found in marijuana plants.


The chemical compound, CBD, is in a diverse class of chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are found both in the human body and in cannabis plants.

Those that are found in cannabis plants are called phytocannabinoids. The ones found in the human body are called endocannabinoids.

Cannabinoids work on a system in our body called the endocannabinoid system. So, how exactly do they work.

The Endocannabinoid System

What we have found is that within each of our bodies, we have a complex system of cells and cell receptors.

Endocannabinoids interact with cell receptors on our cells that affect various parts of the body. When we don’t have enough cannabinoids it can throw our body out of whack.

Cannabinoids interact with receptors on our cells to send messages and signals that keep our body in homeostasis.

Why the CBD Industry is Growing

As we learn more about how our own bodies work, we are discovering how cannabinoids in plants can benefit our bodies as well.

The CBD industry is growing because new research, studies, and even some doctors are touting its miraculous benefits.

Here are just a few reasons the CBD industry is growing:

Charlotte’s Web

Quite literally, the CBD industry all started with a little girl named Charlotte. Charlotte was born a perfectly healthy little girl, but things changed.

During her third month on this earth, she had her first epileptic episode. She was later diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome.

Those with Dravet Syndrome have severe and life-threatening seizures. In fact, most children do not survive longer than their early childhood.

Dravet Syndrome is impossible to heal with medication, and anti seizure medications rarely work to alleviate the symptoms.

Charlotte was having 300 epileptic episodes a week, and nothing seemed to help.

However, in the spring of 2012, Charlotte tried a strain of marijuana high in CBD and very low in THC from the Stanley brothers’ strain of products, CW Hemp.

It changed her life!

She now only has 1 epileptic episode per week instead of 300.

This product now represents the Charlotte Web strain of CBD we have today. Because of this little girl’s story, scientific studies started rolling out.

People started to realize the incredible benefits of CBD for seizures and wanted to know what else CBD could do.

Her story has been seen by thousands, and it has definitely helped the CBD industry to grow.

Touted Benefits

Because CBD works with our endocannabinoid system and its receptors, there are many possible benefits CBD can have on our body.

What we have discovered is that CBD works on our CB1 and CB2 receptors to keep our body in homeostasis. This means it can quite literally affect every aspect of our body.

When the CB1 receptor is activated, it sends messages throughout the body that can:

  • Relieve depression
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease intestinal problems
  • Increase brain-derived neurotrophic factors (learning, working memory, and higher thinking)
  • Lower anxiety
  • Reduce fear

When CB2 receptors are activated by cannabinoids, they send messages to the body that can help the following ailments:

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Neurodegenerative problems
  • Psychiatric problems
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Kidney issues
  • Bone and skin health
  • Cancer

Here are just a few of the touted benefits of CBD:

Research and Studies

One of the major reasons the CBD industry is growing is because the research is growing. As you can see above the touted benefits all have studies to go with them.

However, it is always important to do your own research when thinking about any medicine. You can find a lot of evidence of the touted benefits of cannabis online.l

There are published trials and studies on PubMed which is also known as the National Center for Biotechnological Information that can help you to see what CBD can and cannot do.

It is Legal

Although it is still illegal in 4 states to buy and use CBD, majority of states have legalized it. This makes it a fast growing industry.

Because CBD has many of the same benefits as marijuana, people are going to CBD instead of illegally using marijuana.

Since marijuana is only legal in 33 states for medical purposes and 10 states for recreational, it is a little more difficult to get marijuana. However, much easier to get CBD.

What’s more is that CBD doesn’t have any regulation on giving it to children. Therefore, it can be used to help children with various ailments, legally as well.

It’s a Natural Remedy

With the opioid epidemic, people are seeking natural ways to alleviate pain without taking a narcotic that you can get addicted to.

People are realizing that taking a pill from the doctor has various side effects including addiction and it can be hard to quit taking when you are feeling better.

Not only are people realizing they don’t want the harmful side effects of opioids, antidepressant medications, or anxiety medications, but they want something natural.

CBD offers a natural way to alleviate almost any ailment you can think of including depression, anxiety, PTSD, pain, inflammation, and is even shown to decrease tumor growth.

With all the ways CBD can help with different ailments, it also has had no real side effects even in high doses.

What people like about CBD is that it is a natural remedy that can’t be overdosed on, and it has very limited side-effects when compared to other medication.

It Doesn’t Get You High

Medical marijuana has also taken the world by storm. With 33 states legalizing medical marijuana, we are learning as a society to embrace natural remedies.

However, the problem many have with medical marijuana is that it gets you high. With a high, it can be difficult to accomplish tasks you have set forth.

Feeling high can also make users still feel like they are taking something. CBD, on the other hand, does not give you a high.

Even in large doses, CBD doesn’t give people a high. The biggest concern with CBD is that in large doses it can make you sleepy.

However, because CBD doesn’t make you high and you typically start with lower doses, the CBD industry is growing.

A Variety of Ways to Take it

Unlike other medications that are typically in pill form, CBD can be taken in various ways. This makes it easier to take on a daily basis.

CBD can be ingested through:

  • Capsules
  • Edibles such as candy, brownies, or any type of food.
  • Beverages such as in your morning Latte.

CBD can be used sublingually:

CBD can be used topically in:

  • Lotions
  • Salves
  • Body Wash
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner

CBD can be inhaled in the following ways:

  • CBD e-liquid
  • Plug-in vaporizers
  • Portable vapor pen

With so many options, CBD really has multiple markets of people to sell to. This helps the CBD industry continue to grow.

You Can Use it on Animals

Although this isn’t the biggest reason people are buying CBD, CBD can actually be used for animals as well.

CBD is safe for animals. In fact it has been tested more on animals than on humans without any side effects even in high doses.

Here are a few of the reasons animal lovers are giving CBD to their pets:

  • Painkilling properties
  • Anticonvulsant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Stress relief
  • Antiemetic
  • Anti cancer affects
  • homeostasis

What Could Make the Market Change?

Although CBD is hitting the market by storm, there are factors that could change the market in a hurry. Because not all claims have been researched on humans, we aren’t sure they will work.

Below, you will find some of the reasons the CBD market could take a dip.

False Claims

There are actually few companies that have done studies on the CBD they have. This means that there may be false claims flying around.

If people try CBD for a certain ailment, and find that it doesn’t work, then these false claims could begin to circulate.

Once people discover that there have been false claims, the industry for CBD could go down drastically.

Inaccurate CBD Labeling

Did you know that only 31% of the 84 CBD products sold online have had inaccurate CBD labeling?

This means that when you buy a bottle of CBD, you may not be getting the exact amount of CBD the company is offering on the bottle.

This inaccuracy can lead people to believe the CBD is not working, or that all of them are a scam. Thus, leading to a decline in the CBD industry.

In order to get the best CBD, it is recommended that you only purchase locally grown, artisanal, produced, laboratory tested produces acquired through legal medicinal cannabis programs.

Therefore, in order to get the best CBD, it is recommended to purchase locally grown, artisanal produced, laboratory tested products acquired through legal medicinal cannabis programs.

FDA Approval

One of the big reasons that the CBD industry may take a dip is that it is not approved by the FDA. This means that there are not any approved studies that have been done on CBD.

However, the FDA has approved certain cannabinoid drugs called Epidiolex, Dronabinol and Nabilone.

Dronabinol and Nabilone are synthetic and used in the treatment of nausea and vomiting for cancer patients.

Epidiolex is derived from cannabis plants and used in the treatment of severe epilepsy and seizures that are untreatable by other medications.

Legalization of Marijuana

Through rapid legalization of marijuana, people may discover that they can have both the benefits of THC and CBD in one.

At this time, there are only 10 states that have legalized marijuana recreationally, and of the 33 states that have legalized it medicinally, you must have certain ailments.

In time, however, it is thought that marijuana will become more popular, and that it will be legalized recreationally throughout the states.

This legalization of marijuana could impact the sales and use of CBD.

Not Third Party Tested

Another factor that may contribute to the decline of the CBD industry is company’s not getting their product 3rd party tested.

When a product is third party tested, it tested for on various levels to ensure you are taking exactly what the bottle says you are taking.

Without third party testing, you may not know that you are getting everything that is in on the bottle. In fact, there may be additional chemicals not labeled on the bottle.

As the CBD market increases, there will be more companies getting into selling CBD. Because, they do not have to be third party tested, there may be a decline in the CBD industry.

Extraction Methods

CBD has to be extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant in specific ways. However, not every way to extract CBD is clean and safe.

As companies try to increase revenues for this growing market, they may look for more inexpensive ways of extracting the CBD from the cannabis plant.

Currently, the best method and cleanest method of extraction is the CO2 extraction process which takes a lot of time and money to do.

Other methods include the ethanol extraction method, the olive oil extraction, and the Rick Simpson extraction method.

The olive oil extraction and Rick Simpson method are not recommended when extracting CBD, but companies will use these methods to cut costs.

If more companies begin cutting cost and using impure extraction methods, it could cause the CBD industry to decline.

Is CBD the Miracle Cure?

Ultimately, no one knows if CBD will be the miracle cure to everything. We are still only in the infancy of the research.

Most research has only just begun on mice. Testing on humans has not been completed, but there have been little to no side effects even in large doses.

It is important to keep in mind that CBD doesn’t always work for everyone. It may be that you need to adjust the dose, or it may be that your body doesn’t specifically need CBD.

Everyone is different. Therefore, everyone will respond differently to CBD at different doses. If you find CBD not working for you, gradually increase your dose.

If you still are not having success with CBD, you may want to speak with a cannabis doctor who is knowledgeable in what would be the best CBD for you.

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What do you think about the CBD industry? Do you think it will subside, or do you think it will continue to grow? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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