CBD, Are Its Side Effects Too Harmful?

CBD, Are Its Side Effects Too Harmful?

cbd oil side effects 

Everyone knows that CBD can be helpful to people, there is just no denying it.  Now, that does not mean that it is going to help everyone, and that also does not mean that it is FDA, DEA, FBI, ATF or government approved in any way. Even though it has been somewhat proven that CBD oil has some medical capabilities, more research is needed to determine if there are dangers from CBD.  Unfortunately, CBD oil, marijuana and hemp all need tested more extensively before anything can be proven about what, or how, CBD may help or hurt.  The government has done some studies, and has proven a few of the conditions that CBD may help, but are its side effects seriously dangerous and something to really worry about?


So far, there have been no dangerous side effects on nervous system or mood among people who use it either mildly or heavily.  Obviously, the most common side effect noted is fatigue and changes in appetite or weight, but some people have also noticed symptoms like diarrhea.  Some other noted symptoms are also dry mouth, low blood pressure, and lightheadedness.  None of these symptoms seem that bad, but remember, more research is needed in order to determine if these are the only side effects that may be present.


The Most Common Side Effects

The first thing that needs examined more closely when studying CBD is what effects it may have on nervous system and mood.  So far, there have been no noted serious side effects on these parts of the body when taking CBD.  That means taking CBD has not been noted to cause things like inflammation, pain, twitching, odd movements, mood swings or depression.  More research needs done, but CBD does not seem to come with a label that says; “if it causes suicidal tendencies to stop use and contact a doctor immediately”.


Another side effect that needs examined is fatigue.  It seems that CBD oil has a tendency to make the user a little bit tired and sleepy.  Fortunately, fatigue, which is basically drowsiness or sleepiness, is not a big, super huge deal.  You may not want to operate heavy machinery up to an hour or two after your dosage, but the fatigue hasn’t even been noted to be very severe or uncontrollable.  This is why these side effects need further examination.  It may cause some people to get a little tired, it may cause others to become extremely tired, it may have a weird reaction if you’re are taking other medications, no one really knows for sure.  All anyone knows is that CBD can make certain people a little bit tired.


CBD oil has been known to increase appetite in a few people.  This has led to some slight weight gain, as obviously, if you eat more you may gain weight.  There are some tricks here to combat this issue, but there is no doubt that this is probably going to be one of the biggest possible side effects that some take issue with.  There are people that need to take care of conditions, and are on medications that already cause weight gain.  If this is the case, you may not want to add CBD oil to your regimen, however, keep in mind that this still needs studied. You may want to consult your doctor if CBD is an option in your state.


Some More, Less Common, Side Effects

So far, dry mouth has been a very mild side effect that has come up with the use of CBD oil, but this is one minor thing to be expected and is very easily fixed.  If you’re taking a medication that already causes dry mouth this may be a greater issue for you.  These effects all need examined closer, because this may be such a minor symptom that it may not even be a huge deal.  If scientists look closer they may be able to tell you what percentage of users experience this, and if it becomes worse at higher doses.


The lower blood pressure and lightheadedness can be linked together, and also linked to the fatigue, but this could just be another minor side effect that is occasionally reported.  Since significant studies have yet to be done, the lower blood pressure may not even be a symptom, it may eventually become something that CBD oil is used to treat.  As always, before you ever add anything to a regime of existing medications or treat any of your medical issues, you should consult your doctor or an expert.


Does It Seem Worth It?

It seems like now CBD is a personal choice to be talked about with your doctor, only if it a feasible option in your state, as it is not legal in all states.  The side effects seem minor enough, even though more research needs completed.  It seems like the harm is minimal, and the rewards are too great to worry about the minimal side effects that may be experienced.  Remember that CBD may not be beneficial to everyone, but with the minimal side effects that have been found, why not try it for you condition?  It really seems like the worst that could happen is that you could get tired, hungry and have a lowered blood pressure.


You should thoroughly research every aspect of using CBD oil before you just start using it, and you should always consult with a professional about the subject.  Look up reviews and testimonials and go to blog sites that have valid information like https://nuvelio.com/.  The internet is full of information that you can utilize to talk with your doctor.  Write down some questions you have about CBD like; what are its uses, what does it aid, what are its side effects, etc?  Make sure that when you are talking to your doctor let them know how you feel, tell them why you think CBD would be beneficial to you and discuss the side effects that you are worried about. 

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