The Truth About PTSD and Why CBD Could Help

The Truth About PTSD and Why CBD Could Help

CBD Oil and PTSD

CBD is an awesome substance that has been known to treat a very big number and range of issues.  CBD has the potential to be medicinal and to help many things, but has not been approved by the FDA, simply because the FDA feels like CBD needs further testing.  At the present time, CBD is known only as an herbal supplement, but it is a supplement that has the ability to be extremely helpful to a number of people.  CBD has been known to aide issues like nausea, menstrual cramps, skin issues, sleeping issues, eating issues, chronic and severe pain, anxiety and a few other issues.  One huge issue that people deal with that CBD can help with is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


What is Post traumatic stress disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is associated with military workers the majority of the time, but anyone who has been through any kind traumatic experience can develop it.  It can have an effect on your life just a little bit or a very large amount.  People who have PTSD normally show symptoms like being jumpy, they can have flashbacks and hallucinations, the normally have anxiety, do not like being around other people in social situations and occasionally have extreme feelings of guilt. 

These symptoms can cause people who sufferer from PTSD to be aggressive, angry, sad and depressed.  This can make living extremely hard for some people, and living with these people hard for others.  Some people are more effected by the symptoms of PTSD than others.  CBD has been known to aide PTSD and most of the symptoms that are experienced from the disorder. 

Some of the experiences that people can get PTSD from besides being the military and war are; seeing murders, seeing dead bodies that were victims of murder or suicide, seeing dead bodies too young, being molested, being raped, being robbed, having your house broken into or having any kind of altercation.  Everyone seems to think that PTSD can only be experienced by people who serve, but even people like doctors and lawyers can suffer from PTSD and its issues.  Any kind of traumatic event that occurs in your life can effect you well into the later years of your life, that is PTSD.


 CBD Oil PTSD Syndrome

CBD Could Help PTSD Sufferers

CBD has been known to help PTSD sufferers with sleeping issues, anxiety, mood issues, and their fears.  The CBD that is found in cannabis can activate the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system.  This moderates the release of neurotransmitters and can cause the production of different effects that involve the central nervous system; and this causes an increase in pleasure plus the modification of memory processes.  This happens because the cannabinoids block the retrieval of the traumatic event, which enhances memory extension and reduces the associated anxiety. 

CBD can also help with a large number of issues that come from having PTSD, other than the anxiety.  Sometimes people who have PTSD have issues getting and staying asleep.  CBD has been known to help people with insomnia with their sleeping issues.  Loosing sleep can be a huge life issue, and it probably does not help improve mood.

CBD can help to improve mood in patients with PTSD.  As stated before, CBD can increase pleasure.  CBD also helps to improve a persons sleep, which can improve a person’s mood as well.  This is because when a person is well rested they are automatically a happier person, plus their brain functions better.

With the association that CBD has with marijuana, one would think that means that CBD would make a person paranoid.  This is not the case.  CBD users know as well as anyone that the paranoia which is associated with marijuana and THC does not occur with the use of CBD.  CBD actually helps to cease paranoia and anxiety, which can help with irrational fears.

CBD is an all around helpful supplement for PTSD and its symptoms.  When used in addition to an already active medicinal regimen, it can be effective to help with symptoms and side effects.  CBD is one of the best substances out there for conditions like anxiety and PTSD, it is just not being used as openly and widely as it should be.


Nuvelio CBD Oil and PTSD Disorder

Why don’t more people use CBD

Unfortunately right now, not a lot of people have adequate access to medical grade, or pure, CBD oils because there are so many companies claiming to have the purest stuff out there.  Buying CBD can be very risky if you have not done your research and do not know what you are looking to purchase.  You need to make sure that you know where your CBD is coming from and how it has been extracted.  You also need to examine the THC content of your CBD oil as some oils have a higher THC content because they are not extracted in the common fashion.

Another reason that people are not using CBD is because of its association with marijuana and THC.  There is this giant cloud that hangs over CBD and its users.  They are marked as stoners or hippies, when really they are just trying to do what is best for their health.  Unfortunately, until CBD has been fully tested and no longer has a stigma, will we see usage grow more rapidly.


Should I be using CBD

CBD is a very helpful substance that can be used for a wide variety of issues which effect the mind and the body.  It may be difficult to find, and you should talk to your doctor or a medical professional before using it, but all the hassle of getting it can be worth it.  If you are in a place where CBD is not legally approved of, your only option may be to move, or break laws in your area.  More research may need done, but over time, CBD may be recognized as the medically helpful substance that it is.  Until then, you can always use it as an herbal supplement, just be very careful. 


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