Why Nuvelio Naturals?

Simple, effective wellness naturally

Nuvelio is a purpose-driven brand that aims to make a (big) difference in supporting people to live their best life. 

The current global shift towards health and wellness incorporates what we have known for a long time. Healthy eating, exercise, meditation, practicing mindfulness and seeking natural-remedies to non-medical emergency ailments to holistically support our lifestyle is the way of the future. 

Nuvelio produces pure CBD products to manage ailments or as part of an integrated daily supplement.

Our CBD is scientifically formulated (read more here) to work synergistically with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS), naturally targeting the appropriate neural pathways to bring you benefits you can feel immediately

We offer an impressive range of innovative CBD tinctures (our original product) and now Softgel capsules to best support you. Our product range provides you with additional CBD Dosages to meet your specific needs while at the same time offering improved ways to deliver CBD to your body. We will over the next few months be adding additional products to deliver quality CBD to your body in our ongoing goal of providing our clients the best in physical and mental health. 

Nuvelio is committed to walking this journey with you by offering you more, expanding our focus, and delivering to you, our valued clients, the best in natural health support. 

Start today by taking the first step towards total health and wellness, with Nuvelio supporting you along the way.  


About the Founder

Meet Zack, the founder of Nuvelio pure CBD Oil products. 

Nuvelio was born out of necessity after Zack's father was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016. After months of research, doctors’ visits and firsthand accounts from competent people within the space, every path lead toward a complimentary natural remedy- CBD oil.

Through this experience, Zack began looking into importing the highest quality non-GMO agricultural hemp oil from Europe. He recruited a small team of trusted and knowledgeable professionals to strategize, design, source and tailor the Nuvelio product and service offerings. 

After a few months, the product finally launched, and Nuvelio Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Oil made its debut on the market.

Science suggests that many aspects of our physical health may be dependent on our mental health.

Zack's goal is to offer hope to anybody and everybody who could benefit from a natural remedy such as CBD and hemp-related products. 


Cool, calm and collected.

Share the wellness, naturally.

We love the brand, products, service offerings and platform we have created and are still in the process of creating. And we hope you love them too! 

We also pride ourselves on being an informative resource in further educating and generating awareness around the uses, benefits and risks of CBD and agricultural hemp products. 

Add new flavor to your wellness!

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