Nuvelio CBD Oil in your Morning Latte

Nuvelio CBD Oil in your Morning Latte

Nuvelio Spearmint CBD Oil in your Latte

There are many different ways to ingest your CBD oil.  You can take it just as it is, under your tongue, in pill form, or you can enjoy it with your food.  Some people do not like taking CBD oil in pill form or under their tongue, which is completely understandable, but unfortunately CBD oil has a very low evaporation point.  It is not recommended that anyone cook with CBD, but it can be used mixed in with foods and drinks, or with foods that are slow cooked at temperatures of 179 degrees Fahrenheit or below. 

A lot of people have found that putting CBD into their food is a very helpful way of ingesting this substance.  It makes it extremely easy, and the oil mixes very well into other liquids.  People have put regular CBD oil into their sauces and teas, coffees and dressings.  It just so happens that CBD oil works very well in oil based salad dressing and you cannot even notice it is there.  Fortunately, Nuvelio has come out with an oil that sounds as tasty as the things you can put it in.

Nuvelio has a wonderful spearmint oil, that a number of people have tried in their lattes, but it could be used for a lot of things.  If you enjoy mint and chocolate cookies, or mint tea, you could very well add it to either of these items.  It is not difficult to add to things at all, and is not very noticeable aside from the taste.


How to put spearmint CBD into your latte

Make or buy a latte, just a plain flavored latte with whatever sugar or cream you normally get in it of any size.  Take your little bottle of CBD oil and put a normal sized dosage, so whatever is recommended on the bottle, into your drink and stir it well.  Now you have a spearmint flavored latte!  It works much the same way with any kind of tea that you would get or make as well.  You have the ability to also get a flavored latte and add it to that so you can mix and match flavors.  For instance, you can get a mocha latte, or a vanilla latte and add the spearmint CBD oil.

Nuvelio CBD Oil Smart Latte

How to put spearmint CBD into your baked goods

Since CBD has such a low evaporation point, the best way to put it into baked goods without losing too much of the good qualities is to first mix it into your butter or margarine.  Since you need butter or margarine to make most baked goods anyway, this should not be a problem and can be done before hand.  Just make sure you label your butter dish, as you would not want to put spearmint flavored butter on your toast with your grape jelly.


Folding CBD into your whipped cream

Another option for using CBD in your foods is putting into your whipped cream.  Whether you make your own or buy store bought, as long as it is not canned, you should be able to mix just one dosage size, into a tub of whipped cream.  It will not make the whipped cream super oily since the oil itself is not super oily depending on your source.  Nuvelio Spearmint CBD would be perfect for a cool and refreshing mint flavor added to your whipped cream.  Minty whipped cream would be good on a lot of things; mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate cookies or cakes.  It also seems like it would be good on a key lime pie.


The best

No matter what you are using it for, you should always make sure you are getting the best CBD oil that your money can buy, and that is from Nuvelio.  If you want to know where your oil comes from and how your oil is extracted, we are a company that will tell you.  If you want to know that the company you purchase from has quality products, a high CBD, but low THC content, we can offer you that information.  The biggest part of using a supplement is being completely informed on everything about it.  Nuvelio is a company that hides nothing from its customers and provides a quality product that you can trust.

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