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How is CBD extracted from hemp?

Nuvelio CBD Oil Co2 extracted

There are a few different ways to extract CBD from hemp, but there is only one safe way to do it without the use of a lot of unnecessary chemical elements.  CO2 extraction of CBD is the absolute best way to complete the process, however, it is also the most expensive way to do it.  CO2 extraction of CBD is almost an absolute must, as the other methods of extraction contain harmful chemicals that could possible get into the oil.  Some of these chemicals can be toxic in high amounts, which is why it is extremely important to know exactly how your CBD is extracted and where it comes from.

What is CO2 extraction

CO2 extraction is actually called supercritical CO2 extraction.  It is called this because CO2 is pressured and cooled to 10,000 psi.  In order to get a comparison to this, think about a tire on your vehicle.  A tire on your vehicle is probably sitting at about 300 psi.  So, the compress and mess with the temperature to get the CO2 to 10,000 psi, which is supercritical state, which means it converts to a liquid when placed under this kind of pressure.  In this state C02 actually holds the properties of a liquid and a solid.

Once the CO2 is in this state it is heated up and it is then passed through the hemp plant in what is known as a closed loop extractor.  This process does not harm any of the heat sensitive properties that are found in hemp, but this process does leave an oil that is far easier to process by the body when consumed.


Why is CO2 extraction better

Co2 extraction is a much better method of extraction because it does not use chemicals that can dilute the CBD potency and medical properties.  It is more expensive and a little bit more difficult, but it is a much cleaner alternative to the other methods.  Ethanol is an extraction method that can be used, but this process destroys a lot of the natural properties that are useful about CBD.  Canola oil and olive oil can also be used, but this process makes it impossible to concentrate the CBD which makes it less potent.

Nuvelio Smart CBD Oil Co2 Extraction Process

Why does ethanol destroy CBD

The FDA states that ethanol is safe for human consumption when present at 16,000 parts per million (ppm) or less.  Ethanol is commonly found in paints, markers, personal care products such as mouthwash, perfume, and deodorant. Ethanol is also commonly used as a preservative and additive in food.  It mixes well with water, and is a good general-purpose solvent.  It dissolves molecules that are dissolvable by water and co-extracts the chlorophyll from the hemp plant in addition to the cannabidiol.  This causes the extract to have a greenish tint or hue.  This color and the taste that it causes can be removed through filtering, but the filtering process removes a lot of the good elements in the CBD extract.  The result of using ethanol is a weaker, less clean product. 


Can’t you use olive oil or Rick Simpson

The olive oil procedure is a simple procedure where the olive oil is only heated up to 200 degrees but there are a few drawbacks to this method.  CBD can only be heated up to 180 degrees or it loses some of its medicinal properties.  Another issue about using olive oil is that the CBD cannot be concentrated, so that makes any oil created by this method automatically less potent.  The Rick Simpson method is one of the least recommend ways to obtain CBD from a hem plant, but it can be done.  It is one of the cheapest methods but is very unsafe as it can result in explosions due to open fumes.  The use of chemicals like butane can also taint the CBD, causing it to be far less effective.

As of right now the best way to extract CBD is through the C02 extraction method.  Most professional companies use this method as it keeps the CBD oil in the best state for medicinal use.  It is the method that shows the highest concentration of CBD and the lowest contamination of extraction product.  It is one of the hardest and most expensive methods, but most companies that are reputable will have no issue using this method.  Always make sure to find out where your CBD is coming from and how it is extracted.

In addition to finding out where your CBD comes from and how it is extracted you need to speak with a doctor or a medical professional.  They may have more information on where you can locate a reputable CBD dealer in your area or on the internet.


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