Quit Smoking with CBD Oil

Quit Smoking with CBD Oil

Quitting Smoking Is Hard

Smoking is a very bad habit that recently has become a huge issue in America.  Every few months the price of cigarettes gets raised just a little bit, then the taxes go up on them.  People have become more health conscious as well, and have realized that they do not have to be around second-hand smoke if they do not want to and that it is a big detriment to their health.  Places like bars and outdoor events where children may be present have started to crack down on the rules of smoking in and around their establishments.  Hospitals have even placed new rules on smokers, and even created smoking sections a great distance away from their entrances.  Even places that employee smokers have changed their rules so that employees who smoke have limited time to do so or have to do so in places that are designated for them.  Smokers have become a shunned people and are looked down upon, no matter what age, race, gender or religion they are.  Even people who once were smokers, who have quit smoking, look down on people who currently smoke.  This is because everyone has realized that smoking is unhealthy for themselves and everyone around them.

CBD can help you quit, so why aren’t you?

Are you a smoker who wishes to quit smoking?  Tired of spending all your money on cigarettes and cigarette quitting materials?  Buy CBD.  Because CBD blocks the endocannabinoids in a person’s system it helps to reduce the effect that a lot of drugs have on a person.  CBD is what is in hemp and marijuana that blocks the effects of THC working so well.  It makes sense that it would do this with other drugs, and it does.  Full spectrum CBD has been shown to help people battling a number of different addictions, so it makes sense that it could help with smoking as well.

What does nicotine do to your system?

Nicotine is the main component in tobacco that acts on the brain to produce rewarding effects, which is what makes it addictive.   It also causes bad things to happen to your body when you try to quit.  The endocannabinoid system is what controls a person’s addictive behaviors, and is basically the conduit of other drugs and the effects they have on the brain.  Nicotine activates the reward system in your brain so that you are able to feel good from smoking.


How does CBD stop this?

CBD blocks the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and causes them to not be as active in absorbing the chemicals that make you feel really good.  When you smoke marijuana, CBD is the ingredient in it that keeps it from making you get super, super high.  High CBD strains of pot are the ones that are made for people who have medical issues like anxiety and PTSD.  These strains will not get you as high, but they will make you less paranoid as well.  High THC strains have been shown to help with appetite, pain and seizures, but these strains can create anxiety and paranoia.

What should I look for in CBD to help me quit?

CBD has been linked to the cessation of addictive substances.  This is because it stops the rewards that they provide to the system.  They do not make you feel as good as they should so your body no longer wants them as much.  The more that you use CBD, properly, the better your chances are for quitting.   CBD that is taken in a daily dosage can help to curb your cravings for a lot of things but especially nicotine and caffeine.  You need to find CBD that is organically sourced from plants that are GMO free.  You also need to find a company that will give you all the information about how their CBD is made and what their products contain.  If you’re looking to quit smoking on a serious level, you may want to try talking to your medical professional about the use of CBD.

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