Offer CBD in your Café

CBD in Coffee Latte

So you own a coffee shop? With the growing CBD trend, it's becoming more and more common to add CBD to coffee. Maybe a customer has even asked if you carry CBD in your cafe?

Now is the time to offer CBD to your caffein seeking customers. CBD has subtle but relaxing effect on people. When you pair CBD's calming effects with caffein, it can help keep the coffee jitters to a minimum & maximize your ability to focus. For this reason, CBD in coffee is exploding in popularity around the United States and Europe.

It's no secret that coffee is the worlds favorite drink - by far. Now you can cash in on this popularity by offering your very own CBD latte's.

We offer wholesale pricing to coffee shops & cafe franchises. If you'd like to offer our spearmint flavored CBD to your loyal customers, please fill out the form below.

We look forward to helping your customers relax!


The Nuvelio Team