What is MCT Oil and What are it's Benefits?

What is MCT Oil and What are it's Benefits?

Nuvelio MCT Oil Ingredients Benefits

MCT Oil is an oil that is composed of medium-chain triglycerides.  It is a saturated fatty acid that has a ton of health benefits, ranging anywhere from improved cognitive function to good weight management.  A lot of American’s have been mislead to cut saturated fats out of their diets altogether because they are ‘the bad fats’, but this is not really the case.  The problem is when saturated fats that are unhealthy are consumed in abundance over a long period of time they can lead to decreased heart health, plus a build up of plaque in the body.

MCT oil can be very beneficial to a person.  It has been known to help with weight loss or maintenance, helps protect heart health, improves energy levels and mood, supports digestion and nutrient absorption, has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties and it can withstand high-heat cooking.  Keeping a little bit of MCT oil around the house may prove helpful in the long run.


Weight loss and maintenance

MCTs have positive effects on fat burning and weight reduction when compared with other types of oils and fats.  MCT oil increases satiety and raises the metabolic rate at which the body has the ability to function.  This means that MCTs can decrease the amount that a person wants to eat.  It’s believed that MCTs help the body produce ketones. This can give a person the same benefits as the keto diet without them having to cut out carbohydrates.  MCTs have a heating effect in the body and has the ability to be  used for massive amounts of energy.

 Nuvelio MCT Oil Ingredients Benefits

Protect heart health

MCTs have the ability to help prevent people from getting metabolic syndrome.  This is just a fancy way of shortening a group of metabolic disorders to one word.  These disorders are abdominal obesity, dyslipidemia, hypertension and impaired fasting glucose levels.  It also seems to help decrease cardiovascular disease and lowers the risk of death due to obesity.  MCTs have this great effect because they are anti-inflammatory, easy to digest, satiating and easily used for energy.


Improves energy levels and mood

The human brain is mostly made up of fatty acids which is why people need a steady supply of them to feel their best and think clearly.  Fatty acids also help a person to do better at work and to  stay sharp in their old age.  MCTs are known to be the most easily digested and protective fatty acids that exists.  The MCTs in coconut oil have been noted to have helped improved memory problems, including Alzheimer’s disease in older adults.  MCTs also supply fuel for your brain and help you to absorb vitamins and minerals better.  This will also make you feel more clearheaded, energetic and positive.  MCT oil helps feed your brain cells, and improves your gut health.  This is largely connected to cognitive functioning because of what is known as the “gut-brain connection.”  MCTs improve bacterial gut health, performance, growth and digestion of nutrients, including proteins and fiber.


Supports digestion and nutrient absorption

MCT is very beneficial for balancing bacteria in the gut, which has positive effects on the digestive system, energy expenditure, and the ability to absorb vitamins and minerals from the foods people eat.  MCTs have the ability to kill a wide range of pathogenic viruses, strains and bacteria that cause digestive issues.  This includes candida, constipation, diarrhea, food poisoning, stomachaches and etc.  When a person consumes a very healthy diet filled with lots of different plant foods but do not get enough healthy fat sources at the same time, their body becomes incapable of breaking down these nutrients as well.


Antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral

MCTs are very powerful, natural antibiotics that help balance bacteria in the stomach an d through the body.  It is very important to have natural methods to kill some harmful types of bacteria since a lot of bacteria are becoming antibiotic resistant.  Some known bacteria and viruses to be killed by MCTs are: streptococcus, straphylococcus, neisseria, candida, ulcers and sexually transmitted diseases.  There are at least a dozen pathogenic viruses that have been inactivated by the lauric acid contained in MCTs.  MCTs are also capable of reducing “bad bacteria” without harming the “good bacteria.”  This is important, because humans need the good kind for intestinal health and proper digestive functioning.



Essentially, MCTs are a much needed part of the human diet that some people are just not getting.  This is because everyone wants to be on a special diet because they think it will be better for them.  A balanced diet is what everyone really needs, and MCTs are a really big part of that.  They help to break down plant matter and they help humans to absorb the vitamins that they should be from fruits and veggies.  Without fats like MCTs then it is harder to break down plant matter, which in turn, makes general digestion more difficult.  Everyone should have a few MCT’s in their diet daily. 

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