The Science Behind Grapeseed Oil in CBD

The Science Behind Grapeseed Oil in CBD

The Science Behind Grapeseed Oil in CBD

At Nuvelio Naturals, we pride ourselves in our transparency. With that transparency, it is important not only that you know what is in your CBD oil, but why it is in your CBD oil. If you are wondering why we chose Grapeseed oil, here is the science behind Grapeseed oil in CBD.

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What is Grapeseed Oil?

Grape seed is produced during winemaking. The oil is then extracted from the seeds with either an organic solvent of a mechanical technique. Since grape seed oil is pressed from the seeds of grapes, it is an abundant by product of wine.

Due to Grapeseed Oil having a clean, light taste, and being high in polyunsaturated fat content, it is used in many food products including salad dressing, mayonnaise, pancakes, and waffles. It is also sprayed on raisins to help them keep their flavor.

Although Grapeseed Oil is used to help increase the flavor of different foods, it can also retain many health benefits by being extracted using a cold-pressing method.

Benefits of Grapeseed Oil

The main point of this article is to help you understand the nutritional aspects of Grapeseed Oil, the interactions of its compounds with cellular and molecular pathways, and the benefits of its effects on health.  Grapeseed Oil is broken down in many different ways in the body to produce several benefits to those who use it. Here are some of the benefits of using Grapeseed Oil

For more information, you can Visit the National Center for Biotechnology Information

It is Works as an Antioxidant

Just as grapes and wine have antioxidant capacity, so does Grapeseed Oil. In fact, the highest amount of antioxidant capacity was found in grape seeds. This was measured by oxygen radical absorbance capacity. The high antioxidant capacity of Grapeseed oil is related to the fact that it is high in gallic acid, catechin, epicatechin, procyanidins, and proanthocyanidins.

Grapeseed Oil works as an antioxidant property by removing free radicals such as hydroxyl radical and chelation of metals in the body. eliminating these free radicals are crucial in the functioning of the immune system and the influence of cell signaling in the body. It also reduces low density lipoprotein levels which also reduces the inflammatory process caused by some diseases.

It has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Many chronic diseases are generally accompanied by inflammation somewhere in the body. Inflammation not only causes pain, but can increase the chance of death. When it comes to chronic diseases, taking in nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties is crucial to helping you feel better as well as get better.

The polyphenols that are present in the Grapeseed oil prevent the release of arachidonic acid which helps to decrease inflammation in the body.

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It Acts in Cell Cycle Modulation

Some of the phenolic compounds of Grapeseed oil act in cell modulation. Cells go through a programmed lifespan in which they grow, divide, and then die. However, cells don’t always do what they are programmed to do. When cells, grow and divide out of control, they begin to form tumors in the body. Although some tumors are benign, many turn into cancer.

Because Grapeseed Oil acts in cell modulation meaning it can trigger tumor cells to go through the programmed lifespan which includes dying, research suggests that Grapeseed Oil can aid in fighting cancer cells without compromising healthy cells. In fact, studies have shown that Grapeseed Oil has been shown to help the following:

  • Colon Cancer
  • Counteracts free radicals
  • Improves the efficacy of antitumor drugs

In essence, it boils down to getting the body back into homeostasis and helping cells to go through the normal cycle.

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Why Use Grapeseed Oil in CBD?

CBD oil is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol which is a cannabinoid found in both hemp and marijuana plants.Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system that receives signals from cannabinoids. This system helps to regulate functions in the body such as sleep, immune system response, and pain. Because CBD is a cannabinoid, it also works with this system to help regulate the body. CBD oil in itself can help with inflammation and cancer growth. It has a long list of benefits, and is used medicinally around the globe. CBD Oil is used for the following:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • PTSD
  • Epilepsy
  • Nausea

Although CBD Oil can aid in inflammation, cell growth, and decreasing free radicals, Grapeseed Oil is combined with CBD Oil to enhance the effects of the Full Spectrum Smart CBD Tincture. Because of the cell modulation of Grapeseed Oil, Nuvelio Naturals specifically used it to help those suffering with Cancer.

You should always look into all the ingredients in anything you buy especially if you are using it for medicinal purposes. Each ingredient is put there for a purpose and can affect your body differently. It is also important to know that all your ingredients are 100% organic and derived in a way that is not toxic to your body.

If you are looking for CBD Oil that offers you more than just that, Nuvelio Naturals has complete transparency and only uses the best ingredients. If you are looking for the best CBD oil for your needs, hop on over to our shop and grab your CBD oil, today!


  • Joseph Palmore

    Great for pets too!

  • Ed

    Hi looking for a grapeseed cbd oil to reduce my endocrine tumors which currently I am doing a treatment but if they dont shrink or stabilize dr wants to stop the treatment please I have been taking cbd but it’s a vegetable base and I would rather the grapeseed from what I have read….thanks

  • ronal rocco

    as per above on coconut oil vs. grapeseed oil or virgin oil oil from same batch and grower.

  • ron

    great information.I have been using CBD OILusing coconut oil.that I was very unhappy with being a saturated fat and me having coronary heart disease. In NYSTATE, they are deciding on the formulation of the oil and I called the Governors office to raise the issue of using anything but grape seed oil or virgin oil oil as the carrier oil as coconut oil is a saturated fats that will clog arteries and be a hazard for people. Other oils should be avoided and we are in the Finger Lakes Region where grapes are plentiful from the wine industry here. Thank you for your information. I will be order my CBD in grapeseed carrier. Health Dept. out to lunch in NYS. 7 months I was taking the CBD OIL in coconut oil endangering I believe my health. Your information has been appreciated. Politics shouldn’t be involved in the carrier oil now that CBD use has been approved for use…they need to control the carrier oil so not as to harm users. Get in touch with Governor Cuomo in Albany tell him the difference between saturated fats and unsaturated fats. This is so obvious a flaw in NYS Health Dept. recommendations on carrier oil for all CBD PRODUCTS. Thank you.

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