You Would Be Shocked to See Who is Actually Trying CBD

You Would Be Shocked to See Who is Actually Trying CBD

Consumers have figured out by now that CBD has a lot of good health effects and possibly a lot of medicinal properties.  People have been using CBD for quite some time on their own, but now it seems like everyone is coming out about it. 

Even big name celebrities are coming out, showing their support for CBD and other cannabis based products.  Some people are shocked by the celebs that are endorsing CBD, but honestly, with as much good as the extract is doing, should we really be surprised?

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Olivia Wilde cbd oil

1) Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde has openly used a CBD based lotion for a while now.  She enjoys it and she says it really helps to relieve her pain after a long hard day at work.  Olivia believes that CBD is meant to help you avoid the use of addicting painkillers.

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Whoopi Goldberg

2) Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has openly used CBD for a while for her menstrual issues.  She also uses it to relieve stress, pain and glaucoma.  Whoopi is very open about her CBD use and is a very strong advocate for the consumption of CBD for medical purposes.

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Morgan freeman cbd oil

3) Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is a long time, open user of CBD and marijuana.  He uses it daily because of the pain he experiences from Fibromyalgia and a serious car accident that he was involved in 2008.  He feels that everyone should have access to CBD oil for medical purposes.

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Patrick Stewart

4) Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart has been a user of CBD for a while.  He has arthritis in his hands so bad, and he was tired of getting steroid injections, so he started using CBD.  Now he is an advocate for its use and he has been personally helping a young boy in the UK.  In the UK cannabis is illegal in every single form, including CBD and other cannabinoids.  The child has seizures and would benefit greatly from the use of CBD oil.  His parents do not want to move or break the law so they have petitioned the government to allow them to use it and Patrick Stewart is on their side.  He has met with the family and is petitioning the government with them, plus he is outspoken about this issue in the media.

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Tommy Chong Nuvelio CBD

5) Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong is a well known CBD and marijuana advocate.  Most people know who he is, stoner or not, and he is one of the bigger stars that support CBD.  Tommy Chong developed cancer and he gives credit to CBD oil for being the biggest help in beating it.  In 2012 Tommy Chong, ‘kicked cancers ass’, as he likes to say, with the help of CBD supplements.

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Montell Williams Cbd oil

6) Montel Williams

Montel Williams has used CBD oil for a while now.  He has been a huge cannabis activist since 1999 and he uses prescription CBD for his Multiple Sclerosis.  In 2016 he won a huge victory for the cannabis community when he was caught with CBD in his bag and held until he proved that he had a prescription. 

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Melissa Etheridge

7) Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge has been a CBD advocate for a while, but she was never really a cannabis user until she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Since she has been diagnosed she has been an avid CBD user and activist.  She has had a great victory over cancer but still continues to use CBD for other health issues.

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seth rogan cbd oil

8) Seth Rogan

Seth Rogan is a very big activist for the use of CBD in Alzheimer’s patients, and even spoke to congress about it.  Everyone, of course, knows his history with pot and comedy, but he does believe in the medical uses of CBD as well.

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Micheal J. Fox cbd oil

9) Micheal J. Fox

Micheal J. Fox has been a long time user and advocate of CBD usage and he started using it when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  He attributes the use of CBD to extending his acting career.  Fox says that CBD great improves his Parkinson’s symptoms and he is unsure of how he would get by without.

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CBD is awesome

Up until this point, if you did not believe in the use of CBD as medicinal then you should at least believe in the use of it for supplementary uses.  All of these A-listers say that they use it and could never live without it.  Regular, every day consumers say that they could not live without it.  It has been said to help a large number of issues and it is pretty much anti-everything. 

Look for more information in the blog posts on our website or shop our high quality CBD oil.

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