CBD as a Menstrual Cramp Pain Reliever

CBD as a Menstrual Cramp Pain Reliever

Nuvelio CBD Oil Period Cramps

Many women have sought to alleviate the sometimes severe and ridiculous cramps that come with their period.  Over the counter medications like Tylenol, Aleve and Midol have been being used for decades, but could there be a more natural option?  Could there be a way to organically help yourself with your menstrual cramps, without putting over the counter, Big Pharma chemicals inside of yourself?  Well, hold on to your hats ladies, because I have some big news.

While I cannot say that it is guaranteed that your cramps will disappear when you’re using CBD oil, I can say that I personally know a large number of women who have benefited from this product during ‘their time of the month’.  There is a number of different products out there that claim they can help without the use of medications, which you normally build up a tolerance to.  The first thing a doctor normally instructs you to do is change your diet slightly.  There is also an electronic system that sends electrical impulses to the brain when a woman experiences a cramp.  You can adjust it to suit your pain, however, just like everything else in this World, it comes with pros, and some cons.  You can use over the counter medications, but these have adverse side effects when taken consistently, like causing stomach ulcers and liver disease.  Prescription medications are also an option, but those come with very adverse side effects as well.  CBD is all natural, so while it may have some side effects, like drowsiness and hunger, your liver won’t be dying as you use it.

Nuvelio CBD Oil Birth Control

Doctors will normally recommend that you change your diet before anything else if you are having severe cramps with no other issues.  A lot of times this can be a natural, but difficult solution to the problem.  Sometimes your diet is not the issue as sometimes you are already eating fine.  Unfortunately, that is when they start to seek pharmaceutical fixes to the problem.  If your diet is already acceptable, or if changing it does not do the trick, doctors may tell you to try over the counter medications.

Over the counter medications can be effective in helping aide cramps.  Aleve, Motrin, Advil, Tylenol and Midol are all useful in helping to relieve cramps due to menstruation.  The con to using any of these medications, is that prolonged use can cause other health issues.  Side effects of prolonged use with any product that contains NSAIDs and acetaminophen can include Reye’s Syndrome and liver damage.  These are both very serious conditions that would require additional treatment, and may see you in more pain than just your average menstrual cramp.  CBD oil does not have any of these types of sides effects that are known to this date.  If over the counter medications are not working for you, your doctor may prescribe birth control pills to help with your cramps.



Birth control can be very effective in helping with menstrual pains.  Birth control affects your estrogen and hormone production, which in turn, can decrease the pain in the cramps you may have.  Because birth control affects these things, it can also affect your body chemistry.  This can cause you to gain weight or develop acne.  These seem like minor side effects; however, weight gain can cause you other health problems with the heart and respiratory system, and acne can lead to permanent scars.  If you are a smoker, birth control can lead to increased risk of heart attack and stroke.  If this all seems wonky to you, there is probably a good reason, and maybe you should seek other alternative to medications.

 There is an electronic device, that you can strap around your stomach when you get a cramp, that you can adjust to suit your needs.  The worse the cramp, the higher you set the machine.  There are a number of downsides and cons to this.  The electronic device comes in a variety of wonderful and girly colors, that scream 1950’s.  The machine, that sticks on to your belly, like an EKG machine would on your chest, is a little bulky, and would be like carrying around a Walkman from the 70’s-80’s.  I cannot imagine someone using this device anywhere but home, so this is not a feasible option if you are always outside of your home.


CBD oil has none of these issues.  It can make you a little bit drowsy and it can also make you want to eat, which can make you gain weight if you’re eating junk.  There are not too many other serious side effects with CBD oil that are known to the present.  So far, it has been determined that CBD oil definitely does not cause liver, kidney or heart issues, you do not have to worry about accidental death if you take too much, and you do not have to carry around a big, bulky item.  CBD oil can be a slight risk if you’re prone to getting urine tested, but you’re not going to feel like dying when you’re taking it.

While I cannot sit here and tell you that CBD is a 100% proven to work product, I can tell you that CBD has had rave reviews from most of the people who have tried it.  Of course, there are the naysayers and people who would like to keep the stigma on CBD, but most people who use it think it works.  As always, consult a medical professional before you use any kind of supplement, including CBD.  You might be surprised to find that a lot of doctors take no issue with their patients adding CBD to their medicinal regimen.


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