CBD and your children, yay or nay?

CBD and your children, yay or nay?

Is CBD  Safe for Children

There is a large number of people for CBD for kids, and others are still against it.  Despite all of the good that CBD has shown that it can do, people are still scared of it because of the stigma that surrounds it.  This means that people would rather give their children harsh, over the counter or prescription medications, that may end up harming them, or causing them to be worse off than they already are.  While studies have not shown themselves to be conclusive in showing CBD being an actual medical aide, these same studies have not been able to rule out that CBD does have a healing property.

CBD has shown that it can be helpful when overcoming issues like epilepsy and other seizure conditions.  It has also been known to help with ADHD and anxiety.  It has shown anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties, plus it shows a lower blood pressure in nearly all users.  Obviously, CBD is very helpful as a supplement, but why won’t the FDA approve it for use, and is it safe to give supplements to my children?

No approval

The FDA has not approved CBD as safe for human consumption, but it has not banned it either.  That means animal testing has been open for a while, but human testing wasn’t, not until the DEA loosened up on some of its laws.  Now, CBD oil is being tested, but it needs further testing before the FDA can get behind the substance as medically valuable.  Fortunately, for CBD oil, humans know what makes them feel better, and what has been helping them, so they have been using it for a while now.

When people figured out that CBD oil was helpful, they began to use it.  Now, the DEA will tell you that CBD is fully illegal, but check your state laws.  Some people have made mention that they have purchased their product and not received it, there could be several reasons for that, but the DEA is not really worried about shipments of CBD oil, and if you contact the company they would more than likely be happy to issue you a refund or send another shipment.  You should always be very aware, and wary, of where you get your oils.  A lot of companies boast that they draw their CBD from hemp and that the THC content is the lowest you can find.  Make sure these claims are true.  If a company will not reveal its extraction process, or manufacturing process, you probably should not purchase from that company. Nuvelio Nuturals prides itself in offering complete transparency with our Crop to Customer guarantee. Every step of our process is documented.


What to worry about, precautions

As, for giving CBD to your children, there are a number of steps, or precautions, that you need to take as parents to make sure that Child Services isn’t knocking down your door because you give your child CBD.  First, never give your child anything, any medication or supplement, unless you consult their doctor first.  You would be surprised how many doctors are for the use of CBD on children, rather than the use of harsh medicines.  If your child’s doctor recommends that you start using CBD on your child, that is an official person that says that it is okay to use on your child.  That way, if someone does just so happen to call Child Services, you have a recommendation from your doctor that says it’s okay to be giving your child CBD oil.

There is absolutely no evidence that CBD oil would be dangerous to give to your child, but there is also nothing that officially says that it would be helpful either.  Recently people have been giving their children CBD oil to help with epilepsy and seizures.  It has been reported by these people that the oil has severely helped their children by easing the intensity and length of their seizures.  Some people have even reported that they have been able to remove some of the medications from their child’s regimen in lieu of using CBD oil.  Please keep in mind, not everyone is going to have the same results from using CBD oil.  This is the reason you should consult your doctor. 

CBD oil is derived from a plant, the hemp plant to be exact.  It can also be drawn from the marijuana plant.  What is very important to remember is that any kind of plant derivative can come with allergies.  Just like your child can have an allergic reaction to plants dropping seasonal spores, or their medications they have been put on, CBD can also cause an allergic reaction.  This is another very important reason you should consult your doctor before adding anything, especially an herbal supplement to your child’s regimen. 


So, CBD won’t hurt my kids

In short, there is no evidence that says that giving CBD to your kids will be bad, but there is also no evidence that it will be helpful either.  No matter what, you should always talk to your doctor or a medical professional before you add anything to your medicine regimen or your diet.  The only way to make sure that your child is monitored, and that you are doing what is best for their health is to make sure you are consulting your doctor.  That is the best way to make sure that your child is as healthy as possible while you are trying to use CBD to better their condition.

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