Can CBD Oil Lower Cholesterol?

Can CBD Oil Lower Cholesterol?

Can CBD Oil Lower Cholesterol?

It can be a scary thing when your doctor tells you that your cholesterol is high. You may not know where to go or how to fix it. Not only do you want it fixed, but you don’t want to be on medications that will have side effects. Research suggests that CBD could be an all-natural remedy to lowering your cholesterol.

CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in marijuana and hemp plants. Although it is derived from marijuana and hemp plants, it is not psychoactive which means you cannot get high from it. As new research is being conducted and CBD oil is named as an immensely medicinal and all around useful substance, we are finding that it can help with many ailments including insomnia, weight loss, asthma, seizures, and even lowering cholesterol. In fact, it may seem like the conditions it can help with are neverending which is why it has gained so much popularity.

Although some evidence may suggest that it can impact our entire body, research does still need to be done. With all, but 4 states legalizing the medicinal use of CBD, we are discovering many more ways CBD can benefit your body. Here is what research knows about CBD oil lowering your cholesterol:

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What is Cholesterol?

First and foremost, in order to comprehend how CBD affects your cholesterol, we must know what Cholesterol is and how it affects your body. Cholesterol is a word that gets tossed around a lot, but many aren’t entirely sure what it means.


Cholesterol is a type of fatty acid that is found in your body. It is a waxy substance that is found in all the cells in your body. It is needed to make hormones, vitamin D, and to help digest your foods. Your body makes cholesterol, but it can also be found in foods such as animals, eggs, meat, and cheese.

Health Problems Due to High Cholesterol

Although the body needs some cholesterol, too much cholesterol in your blood can cause serious problems. Cholesterol combines with other substances in the blood and begins to form plaque. As you know, the plaque is sticky and will stick to the walls of your arteries. If the plaque continues to build up, it can lead to heart disease and arteries becoming completely blocked causing heart attacks and heart failure.

What can Raise Your Risk?

Although there are no actual symptoms associated with high cholesterol, there are various things that can raise your risk of having high cholesterol. Here are a few things that can put you at risk:

  • Age: As you get older, your body changes. Hormone levels and other changes can cause cholesterol levels to rise.
  • Heredity: Research has found that high cholesterol can run in families.
  • Weight: Being overweight is a huge risk of having high cholesterol.
  • Race: High cholesterol has been found to run higher in African Americans. This may be due to diet differences

Lower Cholesterol with CBD Oil

Diet and exercise are still great options when comes to a healthy lifestyle and lowering cholesterol. However, there are a few other ways that can help keep your levels in check, and taking CBD oil regularly has been one that has been proven to help. Here’s how it works:

It increases metabolism levels

Studies have shown that CBD has an ability to increase metabolism levels, allowing the body to process calories and burn off fat quicker. Your body may have a great metabolism while it is young, but as you get older, your metabolism begins to slow.

As you use CBD, those receptors in your body begin to speed up your metabolism. Once your bodies metabolism is in homeostasis, your whole body seems to get in line. In fact, it helps all those fatty deposits that have made their way into your tissues or bloodstream dissolve.

It is important to understand that you cannot counteract poor diet and exercise with CBD!

It Helps with weight loss

One of the key components of developing cholesterol is an unhealthy weight. CBD works to burn fat through a process called fat browning. You can see how CBD helps weight loss by reading Drop Pounds with CBD Oil for Weight loss.

It gives Essential Nutrients

Hemp and cannabis-derived products are extremely high in omega 3 and omega 6 as well as polyunsaturated fats (healthy fats). These nutrients are vital to maintaining a healthy heart as well as keeping cholesterol from building up in the arteries and the body.

Not only do omega 3 and 6 help to maintain proper heart health, but they also aid in speeding up your metabolism as well. As stated above, getting your metabolism in homeostasis is key to getting your cholesterol levels back on track.

It Combats Free Radicals

Free radicals are unstable molecules in your body that can damage your healthy cells. Cells are everywhere in your body which means that if you have a lot of free radicals, they can be the culprit of why your body can’t properly manage your cholesterol. Avoiding free radicals is key to having a healthy body especially as you age.

Although CBD oil has been proven to help lower cholesterol, it is always important to discuss any treatment options with your doctor. We, also recommend that along with a daily regimen of CBD oil that you actively change your diet and exercise regularly.

If you have talked to your doctor and would like to start combating high cholesterol with CBD oil, it is important to look for companies that are 100% transparent and offer you the best of the best such as Nuvelio Naturals. Head on over to our shop for your bottle of full spectrum CBD oil, today!

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