9 Things you must consider before you buy cbd oil online

9 Things you must consider before you buy cbd oil online

Before you Buy CBD Oil Online

There are a few things that everyone should know before they purchase any kind of CBD product.  CBD can be very helpful but the FDA has not approved it as of yet.  The fact is, CBD still carries a stigma, for absolutely no reason at all.  Everyone associates THC with CBD, but in reality, they are nothing alike.  THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and is different from the cannabinoids that help out.  So, CBD is stigmatized for no reason, and is also a topic that is very controversial.  It is getting a lot of media attention and is a huge debate in the government.

If you can make it past the FDA non-approval, the stigmatism, the media attention and the confusion then you can put CBD to use, but there are a number of different things that you need to know before you go willy-nilly purchasing CBD.

1. Always know where your product is coming from

There are tons of different companies that are selling CBD now, even little mom and pop stores have their own versions of CBD sitting in their windows, but where does their product come from?  When you purchase CBD you need to think about where your CBD is actually coming from.  Are you getting CBD from Jo Bob’s basement in the West Virginia hills, or are you getting premium grown hemp from a farm where it is perfectly cultivated to provide premium hemp oil?

Nuvelio CBD Co2 Extracted

2. Always know how your product is extracted

You should always know how your hemp oil was removed from the plant.  You need to check out the extraction method because not all extraction methods are the same and some are safer than others.  You also need to make sure that it is a verified process and that you’re not getting the CBD version of homemade meth.  CBD is not something that should be extracted at home in someone’s bathroom or basement.  It should be extracted at a clean facility that only removes CBD from organically grown non-GMO plants.

3. Always find out if your product is organic and non-GMO

CBD oil should always be extracted from plants that are organically and non-GMO grown.  This means that they are not sprayed with pesticides and no harmful chemicals are used in the growing process.

Marijuana or Hemp Derived

4. Always find out if your product is marijuana or hemp derived

CBD, or hemp oil, can be pulled from either the marijuana plant or the hemp plant.  There is a slight difference in these supplements, though not much, but CBD that has been drawn from the marijuana plant is not legal in all states.  Hemp oil, or CBD oil derived from hemp, is the only oil that you can use without fear of getting into any trouble.

5. Always find out if your product contains THC

All CBD oil will contain small amounts of THC.  THC is a naturally occurring substance in the hemp and marijuana plants, but not all CBD oil will contain high amounts of THC.  There are a number of different extraction methods that can practically eliminate THC, but it will still be there a little tiny bit.

6. Always research your product and learn what it’s about

There are a large number of places that you can check out on the internet to find out information about CBD, and how to use it and where.  Check out places like the Nuvelio "Educate" section of our website.  You can also check out the studies that have been completed for yourself, as long as you look for sites that are marked .edu.  It is very important to know everything about a supplement before you purchase it.

CBD Oil Ingredients

7. Let go of the stigma

Stop associating CBD and hemp oil with pot and marijuana.  It is not just for hippies and stoners, or naturalists and herbalists.  CBD is for every single person that has a medical ailment that it can help, no matter how they are choosing to ingest it.

8. Learn about the law and the FDA

The law is, as long as your CBD is hemp derived, it is legal, even though it is not FDA approved.  The reason it is not approved is because it needs further testing and some of the laws have just loosened up enough to allow it.

9. More testing…

It seems like CBD is high in demand, so the FDA has decided to put it through testing.  Up until recently the DEA has had some pretty stiff laws concerning marijuana, hemp and hemp derived products.  They have finally loosened up some of these laws and CBD is starting to be tested.

These are a few helpful tips of thing you should know that may come in handy when you are doing further research on CBD, hemp and marijuana products.  You should always do very extensive research to make sure you are going to be using a product that you can stand behind, and that really works for you.









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