20 Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil

20 Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil

20 Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil Nuvelio Naturals

If you live in one of the 46 states that have legalized the sale of CBD, you are probably seeing it everywhere! As laws have loosened their grip and research continues, people are learning how vitally important CBD is to the body. Here are 20 amazing benefits of CBD Oil, you need to know!

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20 Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil

  • CBD oil helps the fight against cancer. Research is still being conducted on this, but it has been proven that CBD oil changes how cells grow which can reduce cancer cells from multiplying. This is amazing!


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  • It reduces epileptic seizures. Amazingly, in a survey, parents of children with epileptic seizures had an 50% reduction in seizures while on CBD. These results were obtained when children took between 200-300 mg of CBD per day.
  • CBD oil reduces inflammation. CBD at its core reduces inflammation. COX-2 is the main enzyme in the body that initiates inflammatory response to pain, injuries, or other autoimmune disorders. However, CBD oil is a strong inhibitor of COX-2 which helps reduce inflammation in the body.
  • It can help the immune system. In studies, CBD has been known to suppress TH17 dominant cells that contribute to autoimmune disorders.
  • CBD reduces anxiety. CBD has been effective in helping with anxiety in healthy people as well as social anxiety.
  • It relieves pain. Because CBD works with receptors in your brain to prevent inflammation, it directly affects the level of pain you feel. CBD oil relieves chronic pain associated with various diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. It also, works with opiods to further decrease pain for longer periods of time.
  • CBD helps with nausea or stomach issues. CBD helps those with food sensitivities, upset stomach, and other gut ailments. It increases appetite by binding with cannabinoid receptors in the body. In low doses, it decreases nausea and vomiting caused from other drugs. 
  • It can help with type 1 diabetes. The best way to treat type 1 diabetes is through prevention. Because CBD works on a cellular level, it works by preventing cells from rejecting the insulin.
  • CBD oil helps protect you against mad cow disease. Mad cow disease is scary, but now, we have a way to help combat it. Certain proteins called Prions cause the fatal disease called mad cow disease. However, CBD oil inhibits those Prions which can help protect you from ever getting it.
  • It aids in treating insomnia. With the calming properties, CBD can help you sleep better while keeping you awake during the day. CBD relieves stress, anxiety, and pain associated with insomnia and helps the body get into the much needed REM sleep.


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  • CBD oil can protect against neurodegenerative diseases. Brain cell death is a huge contributor to neurodegenerative diseases. However, CBD oil has been found to prevent the toxic effects of free radicals in the body. Thus, CBD has an antioxidant capacity far greater than vitamin C.
  • It can combat depression. Research has found that CBD can be comparable to tricyclic medication imipramine. This antidepressant effect gives you a more organic way to feel happy.
  • CBD can help you quit smoking. CBD blocks the endocannabinoid receptors in your brain that allow you to absorb chemicals from smoking that make you feel good. When you crave a cigarette, you can take CBD instead.


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Nuvelio CBD for Hair Skin and Nails

  • It can help skin, hair and nails. CBD is full of vitamin E and fatty acids that help keep hair, skin and nails strong.
  • CBD oil works great for those with ADHD. CBD oil helps calm your brain. When a person has ADHD, it is a combination of multiple issues including anxiety. As CBD oil works on anxiety and calmness, ADHD symptoms subside. This is a great alternative to stimulants.
  • It promotes heart health. CBD oil reduces anxiety, aids in normal sleep patterns, lowers blood sugar, helps detox free radicals, and reduces inflammation in the body. All these keep your heart healthy.
  • CBD make IBS bearable. According to reports, those who use CBD oil on a regular basis have found that it greatly reduces symptoms of IBS. Pain and nausea are eliminated making the IBS more bearable.
  • It is known to help those with Schizophrenia. Some medications are resistant to current medications for Schizophrenia. Research has found that CBD is able to restore working memory and promote positive social behaviors. With this research, it is suggested that CBD can help with some Schizophrenia symptoms.
  • CBD helps veterans with PTSD. CBD has been studied in PTSD suffers with anxiety, mood issues, sleeping issues, and fears. The cannabinoids in CBD block the retrieval of the traumatic event that caused the PTSD as well as reduces the associated anxiety.
  • It is an amazing treatment for arthritis. Arthritis is caused primarily due to your body’s over production of inflammation. Because CBD reduces inflammation, it also helps alleviate arthritis symptoms.


As CBD gains popularity amongst scientist, doctors, and health advocates, we continue to learn more about the amazing benefits of CBD oil. As we learn more, we will continue to add to the list. In the meantime, grab a bottle of full-spectrum CBD oil and reap the benefits for yourself!

As always, make sure you speak with your doctor if you are using CBD to help, treat, or cure any ailment.

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